I have been writing romance for a long time, and I'm well settled into writing what I like.  But not everybody likes what I like, so I decided a simple survey might be interesting.  You can respond by commenting below (if you can figure out how to do it), comment in the "Contact Me" section, or you can email me directly at cschede@hotmail.com

.            What is your favorite romance subgenre?  Historical – if so, what time period? Suspense? Time travel? Contemporary?  Paranormal – if so, paranormal in what sense—vampires, ghosts, other world?  Please explain.  No need to limit yourself to my suggestions.  I want to know what is your favorite subgenre, and I might not have mentioned it in the list I gave.

2.            Do you prefer the story be written in third person or in first person?  Why?  Does it matter?

3.            What is your favorite hook (i.e., marriage of convenience, secret baby, etc.)?

           What hooks do you hate and refuse to read?

5.            What level of sexual heat to you prefer?  Sweet?  Mild? Hot?  Scorch your socks?  If you chose sweet or mild, do really hot, descriptive love scenes offend you?  If you prefer spicier writing, do you automatically decline to read a book with milder or non-existent love scenes? 

6.            Which do you prefer, a book ripe with sexual tension but light on description of what happens in the bedroom, or a book that focuses on the bedroom action more than the sexual tension leading up to the bedroom scenes?

7.            How much does the cover factor into what
books you choose to purchase? 

8.            Do you prefer a book you can hold and turn the pages or an e-book?

9.           Do you read independently published books that are published by the author and not through a brick and mortar publishing house?  If not, why not?

10.            Do you pay as much attention to the cover of an e-book as you do to a book on the shelf in a bookstore?

11.            Do you prefer the Harlequin/Silhouette-type books or stand-alone books?

12.         Does your preference set forth in your answer to the previous question relate more to word count or to whether or not the books follows a "formula" in the way it is written?

13.         How do you feel about romances that break the "rules"?  For instance, if one of the parties is engaged or married to someone else?

14.         Do you expect an author's books to be similar to her former books? 
In what way?

15.         Who are your favorite authors – the ones whose books you buy the minute they hit the stands?

16.         Of all the books you have read, what is your all-time favorite

Thanks so much for participating in the survey.  Be sure to let me know your e-mail address and I will send you a free Smashwords coupon for your choice any one of my three books.  Just let me know which one.  Check out the website and see which one you prefer.

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