My book, Ready or Not has been up and available for a few weeks now - and I've actually sold a few - but where are those thousands of dollars I was expecting?  I am learning the hard way that indie publishing is all about self-promotion - and I'm terrible at self-promotion.  Oh, yes, I am indeed on Facebook but I can't quite bring myself to hawk my book and paste Facebook links to it every day or two.  My Facebook friends are mostly people I work with (who already know about my book), racing friends (yes, I'm a Nascar freak) who don't read romance, and my wonderful writer friends who already know my books ad nauseum because they have critiqued them and helped me give birth to those books every step of the way.  I have a friend with a Facebook writer friend who promotes her book almost every day in her Facebook posts.  He finds her efforts hilarious, and this enthusiastic, self-promoting writer has become the butt of his jokes.  I really don't want to turn into "that person."  Ads are expensive and until I make some definite money from the book I'm not inclined to fritter my modest earnings away on ads.  At 99 cents a pop, it will be awhile until I'm in a league to afford advertising.  My days of anticipation of overwhelming sales have been squelched for the moment, although the book does plod along with a sale here and there, for which I am extremely thankful.  I wish I knew who was buying it, so I could thank them personally.  Ready or Not is a good and very readable book.  However, it is old-school romance - lots of sexual tension and build-up to "the deed,.  Then of course "the deed" itself coupled with a bit of angst and conflict, summed up with a dandy little resolution that leaves the reader  a little bit in love with the hero.  There are no vampires, detectives, murderers, cowboys, or ballsy, smart-mouthed women.  Maybe that's the problem - my people are just people.  I have another book almost ready to offer for sale on Smashwords, although  I have seriously considered just shelving it and moving on to something more productive, like housework.  But, not yet.  Stay tuned - Remember the Shagmeister is coming....whether the world wants it or not! 
5/14/2012 14:27:26

I just read Remember the Shagmeister. My friend Christi Snow loved it, so I had to read it. It was so good! I can't wait to recommend it!!


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