I stay fairly busy.  I have a full-time job, I spend a lot of time writing and doing writing-related things, I have a husband who needs at least a little bit of care (although he's more self-sufficient then he wants me to think he is.)  Like the rest of you, I spend a bit of time every day on Facebook keeping up with my friends.  But...UNLIKE the rest of you (probably), I'm addicted to Bejewled Blitz.  What an evil, evil game!  I get started and it won't let me quit.  One would think that five-million-and-then-some points would be enough.  But, no.  That dang Phoneix bird thing pops up periodically and I simply MUST wager 75,000 of those hard-earned points to see if I can win even more points.  The whole thing is ridiculous, and so am I for indulging myself and wasting what ends up sometimes being hours playing Bejeweled Blitz.  I have to admit, I played Bejeweled back before it was cool.  But now, on Facebook, I can compare my Bejewled skills with my friends' Bejeweled skills!  Whee!  Do I sound like an adult?  Not really.  And it's not like I'm even very good at it.  At one time, I think I was, but something has happened lately to my Bejewed mojo.  My scores are adequate but not outstanding.  But there is always that possibility, just over the horizon, that I will outscore my friends.  So what would that be worth?  Absolute nothing.  I should be spending my spare time writing.  I have stories to finish, stories to format for Smashwords and Kindle, I have housework to be done.  It's not like I'm bored, with beaucoups of spare time on my hands.  But every evening, I simply MUST check in at Bejeweled Blitz (if I don't, I can't do the slot-machine thingy that gives me even more points and they build up over consecutive days that I spin the wheels, so you see why it's a necessity).  Thank you for letting me vent on the evils of Bejewled Blitz.  I need to run along now.  I really do have a number of things to do this evening,..but first (you guessed it), I think I'll play a few games of Bejeweled Blitz.  At exactly a minute per game, how long can it take?  Probably about at least hour....(*sigh)

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